There is a difference between feminists and bitter women who think men are the sole source of their problems. Feminists believe in equal human rights regardless of one’s gender. Bitter women believe in preferential treatment, they believe someone else should pay their bills simply because they have two protrusions on their chests. While feminists are busy building themselves up and helping everyone around them rise too, the latter puts the caption ‘what men can do, women can do better’ on photos of them blowing shisha smoke higher than Timbuktu-bound trains. Occasionally, they look for a success story of a woman who helped her hubby to the top and brag about how behind every successful man there is a woman. But their main area of specialization is in setting standards, mostly on social media.

It started with the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ philosophy. Then it went downhill from there. Then they wanted us to be God-fearing. Which is good. Only that when you will be on your knees in church praying for your family, she will be on her knees on the toilet bowl puking from last night’s hangover. They also want you to cook like you are Marco Pierre White, be Manuel Ferrara in bed and a whole shitload of other personalities all rolled into one. We don’t have a problem with that, except, what do we get in return? A backbiting, hysterical drama queen who has imaginary haters and offers blowjobs to your buddies behind your back? Pass.

Look here woman, I could make this longer than an encyclopedia, but you probably don’t like reading too so I’ll make it short. We are this generation of men. We can cook- or so we believe, since we stay alone and have never been rushed to emergency rooms over food poisoning. We thank God for whoever invented washing detergents, since we just soak our laundry for half a day, take them off and rinse them and we are good to go. We mop the house once in a while when it becomes openly a sore to the eye. If we were to set standards, you’d probably never measure up to us because we can take care of ourselves. As for sex, which should be up there with other basic human needs, the oldest profession in the book doesn’t look like it is liquidating any time soon.

So feel free to set your standards, it is your move!

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