The Liebster Award- Junior Elders

We have this thing where we promise to deliver Monday Post every Monday. We then do posts for two consecutive posts then think we are on fire, baibe. Only to run out of steam and disappear for a while and pop up again with more promises of consistency. Nevertheless, you have always stood by us. Never canceled us. Because you understand how this adulting thing works.

It is much more like the Chelsea Westham game. You think you are ahead then it bitchslaps you hard before delivering a sucker punch. You pick yourself back up and when you think you are right back in it, ngumi ya shingo! 

Anyway, a few days ago, Phenny nominated us for the Liebster award. Who is Phenny? And what in fuck’s sake is the Liebster award? Phenny is one of our ardent readers, and more importantly, runs this blog where she is giving people a chance to pretend that they have learned from their heartbreaks (we all know that when it comes to love, people never learn) at the moment. Check the #BrokenSeries on the site. Now, what tf is the Liebster award?

This is an award that only exists online and it is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers. It is a chance to be discovered and connected to other bloggers out there. (Thank you, Phenny).

Rules For The Award

We started this blog awhile back, and like men with anniversaries, we can’t remember exactly when. We just write, and hope that someone reads (and likes) what we write. There is really no end goal. Just an outlet. We usually joke that we have three readers. But you and I both know that we don’t mean that in the literal sense. We mean the St. Chrysostom “where two or three are gathered in his name.” It is, therefore, nice to know that this blog pops up in your minds when blogs are being mentioned. Thanks to all of you, and once again, Phenny for the nomination.

Here are the rules of the game;

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog (I think we already did that).
  • Answer the questions given to you.
  • Share eleven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions.
  • Notify your nominees once you’ve uploaded your post.

Answers To Phenny’s Questions

1. Are you Happy?

This blog is run by two people. Are they both happy? Football is back. So yes, I am happy. Rugby is also back, so I guess the other guy who runs this blog is also happy. But in case anybody reading this is sending money to people who are sad to cheer them up, please get in touch with us through our social media pages. Securing the bag makes us happier.

2. How has isolation been for you?

It’s been good. At least people stopped asking when they can visit.

3. One mantra you live by?

Pinyni idakie gi wang’ teko. (Translation: It is embarrassing for a head of state to launch water bowsers). 

4. What advice would you give to your 19-year-old self?

Read Kenyan authors more.

5. When this is over where/what are you doing first?

Waiting for y’all to go outside first to see if it is really over or just over.

6. Your guilty pleasure?

Watching Arsenal lose.

7. How is adulting for you? How are you coping?

We are alive. That’s all that matters.

8. How has your quarantine routine been like?

People have quarantine routines? Maajabu!

9. Are you a night owl/ a morning person?

A little bit of both. 

10. Dream destination?


11. Do you have any insecurities? How do you deal with them?

Who doesn’t? Starve them of the attention they need. 

11 Facts About Me

1. I believe Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, and Callum-Hudson Odoi shouldn’t be at a club of Chelsea’s level. British talent is overrated.

2. We once played Shaolin soccer in real life. Not the skills. The violence. Everyone had a piece of stick to whip anyone who tried to take the ball from them.

3. Okay, I’m out of facts that would interest you.

4. This is becoming more difficult to do.

5. But we will stick through to the end.

6. It would really warm our hearts if you liked our page on Facebook. Here’s the link.

7. We would also appreciate it if you followed us on Twitter. Our handle is @JuniorElders.

8. Three more facts to go. We are doing better than we expected.

9. Ah, how could we forget? We won’t mind an Mpesa message right now.

10. Seriously, send Mpesa.

11. Hurray, we did it. Congratulations to ourselves.


Ok, this is the part where I’m supposed to tag other bloggers and nominate them to the award. Truth is, I rarely know any beyond that I’ve already been mentioned. I’ll nominate just one:


And if you are a blogger reading this, comment with your blog and I’ll subscribe to new posts. Also, hit us up on our pages and we’ll see if a meetup can suffice. Gracias in advance.

Questions To My Nominees

Here are my questions to Nderit-She:

1. Do you love this s**t?

2. Are you high right now?

3. Do you ever get nervous?

4. Are you single?

5. You getting money?

6. I heard you got it on with a girl, is it true?

7. Do you think the dude you with is with you?

Okay, I’ll admit it. Those are lyrics to Drake’s HYFR. Let’s move on…

8. Do you wish you could put out more posts? What’s stopping you?

9. Do you believe that njahi is food?

10. Do you think chapati should be eaten with anything else besides beans?

11. Last time you slapped somebody? Why? Did you feel relieved after?

That’s it. I’m done. Hopefully, Nderitu-She takes up the challenge. Also waiting for links to your blogs. Thank you for always passing by. Till next time, be awesome.

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