The Hard Life Of A Customer Service Rep

The Hard Life of A Customer Service Rep Photo Courtesy/Pinterest

At one point, for no valid reason at all, we have all picked up our phone and dialled 100 then went on to spit vitriol after vitriol. Some of us were sane enough to stop just before becoming outright abusive. Some of us went full retard. At the end of it, we swore never to use that service again or realised we were actually on the wrong and silently disconnected the call while swearing to be better humans from then onwards. Till the next time we needed to be angry at someone for no reason at all.

I have actually blocked Airtel Twitter account. Not because their customer service is pathetic. But because their attempts at humour are plain depressing. Churchill Show/Raw is enough punishment. When Jemo comes in for his shift and starts posting, you just want to slit your wrists and die a slow painful death as you question your existence and afterlife. It is even worse when Caro takes over. With Caro, you wish you had the courage to slit your wrists then jump off the 20th floor of PwC Towers such that it becomes difficult to tell what exactly killed you. The slit wrists or the fall. But when it comes to service delivery, their customer service is better than the service their employer offers. If it weren’t for their dry jokes, I would say they deserve better (like most customer service reps do).

We get angry at customer service reps from time to time because it feels better to be angry at a stranger you have no personal relationship with. That way, your angry outbursts have no social consequences at all. Nobody to apologize to later. No girlfriend denying you sex. No boyfriend refusing you money to change that weave you’ve won since Afc Leopards last won a league title. No kid saying they love mommy/daddy more. No broken family ties. No househelp spitting into your food before they serve it to you. But do you ever stop to ever think what your outburst does to them?

I get it. The company didn’t hold their end of the bargain and you deserve to be angry. And you have to be angry at someone. Unfortunately, that someone is the customer service rep- the face of the company. They shouldn’t take it personal. Believe me, they never take it personal. Unless they were not hugged enough as a kid. That’s why when you call next time, they’ll answer your call as if nothing happened earlier between you two. They understand your pain more than you think they do. Trust me, I’m a customer service rep.

And for every client you punch, you get to punch two of your colleagues.

The most difficult thing about customer service is not even dealing with difficult clients. In fact, we don’t believe there are any difficult clients. There are only frustrated clients and clients who lack understanding. The frustrated clients just need to be sorted out asap. Like Odie, they have no major complaints. Clients who lack understanding just need love and light. And lots of hugs. And prayers. Then there are those clients who feel the world revolves around them because they have money. They are good for business, and the settlement of your monthly bills. But they also deserve to be shot on the balls. Six times. Like, bitch, be humble! They are usually rude even before you offend them.

The most difficult thing about customer service is difficult colleagues. Not in the customer service department, but the organization. There are no difficult clients, but there are difficult colleagues. You know, the type that got the job through family ties, the power of the pussy, power of the pockets or luck was just on their side when they were getting interviewed. The type that can only be made to do their job in two ways. Either by licking their ass (tell them how cute their dress is/ how much you enjoyed a movie they recommended and henceforth they are your ISO-certified movie person bla bla bla), or holding a bazooka to their chest. And even after that, they will only do their job when they have nothing else to do.

Sometimes you win. The client says “thank you”, and it warms your heart. Most of the times you lose, and end up with an angry client calling you names in their mother tongue. You don’t understand a shit they are saying, but from their tone and breathing patterns, you get that it is something you wouldn’t want translated to you.

At the end of the day, you go home too tired to even argue with yourself. Not because you dealt with difficult clients. But because you had to deal with difficult colleagues. The sad part is that you have to do it again the following day.

Disclaimer: There is really no disclaimer. Roses are red. London is blue. Sarriball is scam. Valentines’ Day is overrated. And don’t get mad at your customer service rep.

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