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To be honest, this particular post was supposed to go up two weeks ago. That’s when it was sent to me by a friend. Adulting is hard, and I’ve been lazy too. The only useful thing I have done since the Africa Cup of Nations started is to share memes on my Whatsapp status. When she sent this piece, I promised her to look into it as soon as I could. This is as soon as I could. Besides, isn’t God’s time the best?

I should warn you. This piece is a bit “preachy.” But it ain’t something an atheist can’t read. Okay, enough fillers. Here we go:

Theologists define salvation as deliverance from sin and its consequences, brought about by having faith in Jesus Christ. The son of a virgin. The guy who was betrayed by a member of his boys’ club. The same guy who after using his powers as an influencer to cancel other nearby businesses so that his best friends fish business could prosper, the best friend turned around and said he’s never seen him before. Yes, that guy who was extrajudicially killed so that we can have the freedom to question his existence.

Unlike Muslims who all agree that pork is haram, Christianity is quite democratic. Every church has its own definition of what salvation is, and with each definition, a fitting description of how a Book of Life contender should live their life.

Some say that once you become a member of the Tukutenderesa family, you can’t be seen with the heathens, even if you have gone to look for that lost one sheep as your Master commanded. Others believe that your dressing has to reflect your salvation, and therefore they walk around with heaps of clothing that are twice as heavier than they are. Some churches believe you can only show your salvation by how much you are willing to starve so your pastor can own a private jet. As some wise man, probably Dr. Stockmann, said, to each his own.

I, however, believe that salvation is a personal conviction with the focus being on one’s character and deeds. And I’m not one of those Christian liberals. By liberals, I mean those people who wake up every Sunday morning to make noise on social media about how they are spiritual and not religious. How religion is nothing but opium for the poor masses. Then when everybody has forgotten that they last attended church when they thought they could meet someone cute there, they post dark memes about Christianity. I believe that as a Christian, whichever path you choose to pursue, make the word of God your guide and prayer your best friend.

Why should you go around Bwana Yesu Asifiwe-ing everybody when deep inside you harbor a murderous character? If you never let an opportunity to gossip, pass judgment or hold grudges that don’t even concern you in the first place, aren’t you just using salvation as a way of getting validation? Is your salvation really helping anyone if you always have your nose in other people’s business but suddenly can’t see when your neighbor is going hungry?

Do you serve the same Jesus who fed 5000 people when you walk around laughing about how your neighbor hasn’t had food for days?

Salvation is often seen as the restoration of humanity, but we won’t restore humanity until we become our brother’s keeper. We won’t restore humanity until we open our doors to everyone so that they can feel the warmth of a home. As William J. Bennett puts it “Home is a Shelter from storms – all sorts of storms”

Until then, there won’t be much difference between the saved ones and attention-whoring socialites who come to set fake standards on social media.

Ps: This was originally the work of a friend called Dorsillar Owino. She says she did it while worked up. I think it’s beautiful. I think we should get her riled up more often. If you are good at getting people worked up, hit me up so that we can get more of this.

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