Kenyan youth: the unwanted generation

When the organizers of the ‘walk to work’ Rongai protests took to social media to publicize the demos and call out to people to take part, one fossilated idiot came up with an equally idiotic comment. “These young people want to kill us. PSV drivers should have an age limit of 35”. Basically, he looked up in the constitution the age bracket that defines one as youth and determined that we are not worth anything in this country.
He is not alone. How many times have heard Kenya’s problems blamed on the 8-4-4 education system? The system that anyone identifying themselves as a youth has gone through and they are now seeking to overhaul. Self-defeating. Treating the symptoms.

Are we the sole source of Kenya’s problems? Or are we that unplanned for child that gets blamed for all the parents’ misfortunes? Sisi ni ile cd ilipasuka?

We are ‘half-baked’graduates with ‘nothing between our ears’. Well, the system is not run by us. It is run by people who went through ‘proper education’ but have been overcome by greed to instil the same proper education in their students. Teachers spend class hours in pubs discussing how the current generation is irredeemable, which ironically is what they should be doing. Exam cartels are not run by the Kenyan youth. And what makes you think I’ll grow up to be morally upright when you are busy impregnating my classmates and sponsoring their abortions? We do as you do, not as you say, Sir! And I won’t mention your staffroom affairs, because we are supposed to pretend we don’t know about them. Explain this to me like you would to a 5-year old kid, how am I supposed to respect you when we meet at disco matangas at night?

And we are not half-baked, try to show your boss that you have some knowledge and have that ‘never outshine your master’ 48 Laws of Power bullshit shoved down your throat. Would you rather sit pretty and earn a salary or get fired trying to prove you have something between your ears? Would you rather sleep on a hungry stomach because you proved you are knowledgeable? Nobody ever choked on swallowing their pride, be a dumbass and maintain your job, with the possibility of a promotion because you will be a proven loyalist and not a ‘rebel’ like yours truly.

Despite our cute names that don’t have tribal leanings, the old folks that run government organs think we are the most tribal. More tribal than that old folk who will not give you their blessings if you get a spouse from an ‘enemy’ tribe. Because we laugh at funny tribal jokes till our ribs break, we are more tribal (despite having more friends from other tribes than ours) than that leader who will spend your taxes to purchase machetes for intoxicated idiots to chop off the foreskins of those that are not theirs. And the government will be harsher on you for saying that Luhyas love ugali and tea than they will be on Mandago for saying that a Luhya has no business heading an institution in Kalenjin land.

Jomo Kenyatta- the father of tribalism and other historical injustices that are currently haunting Kenya, never went through the 8-4-4 system. We have never had a youth lead even the youth ministry, leave alone Kenya, but the country is still fucked up. Look up police records, how many young people defile 3-year old girls as compared to balding wrinkled two-legged animals? And it’s wrong for your girl to engage in sex with the boy from the neighboring estate, but okay for you to insert your Viagra-powered penis into the neighbor’s teenage daughter virgin vagina? Drug cartels that are wasting the youths in the coastal towns aren’t run by the youths.
Look here old folks, you should be grateful that we are allowing you to use us. Enjoy it while it lasts, because we might decide that there will be no peace until the owner of the yam is allowed to eat his own yam.

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  1. This is nothing but truth expressed in it’s most pure form with good grammar that they think we are not in command of anyway. It is quite the piece. Thanks Winston, it speaks volumes.


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