We, as Kenyans, are never used to being on top of the Good Things list. Yes, our athletics is doing well, but doping scandals are wiping away those that Qatar have not managed to buy their citizenship. We don’t know what became of Harambee Stars after that Guinea Bissau match, and we probably won’t hear from them until some qualifiers come up. Malkia Strikers (9 time African volleyball champions. Am talking Kenya ladies’ volleyball team, you idiot) are trying to overcome jetlag as they try to qualify for Rio2016- has whoever makes travel arrangements for our teams ever travelled beyond their village? The hockey and handball teams are classified information.

But for all our struggles in the sports arena, we are doing well in other fronts, such as leadership and governance (or lack of it thereof). We are ranked the 2nd most corrupt country, it takes our president about 4 years to visit a section of this country while he has no problems travelling abroad, and it will be a surprise if we don’t move up the ladder on human rights violations ranking after the recent police brutality witnessed on unarmed citizens. It should also be mentioned that we can’t coexist peacefully as a nation while Tanzania has managed to house over one hundred tribes on a smaller piece of land as compared to ours.

So when Collins Injera got that try that made him the leading try scorer of all time, it was worthy of all the praise and celebrations. It united us as Kenyans. It gave the inspiration that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our rugby prodigies no longer have to wish to be the Dan Nortons and Brian Habanas of Kenya, they have Injera next door to look up to. The Injera story is a story of not allowing yourself to be held back by obstacles, of not allowing yourself to be stagnated by lack of resources (going by Kenya’s investment into sports), a story of believing in your dreams and working towards achieving them.

We will celebrate as long as the record stands! Every answer to any question will be either Collins Injera or 231. Who will the next president of the United States of America? Collins Injera. For how many years has Francis Atwoli been COTU secretary general? 231. Who wins the fight in Superman vs. Batman? Collins Injera. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get an autograph from Injera. In what year did the Israelites cross the Red Sea? 231 BC (Before Collins (Injera)). We will hang posters of him in our barber shops. We will change our Facebook names to Jaymoh Wa Kina Injera Yule Mbaddiest and Brenda Msupa Trapqueen Ex Wa Injera. We will change our twitter avis to a photo of him in that Shujaa jersey. Corporates will make ads saying that Injera used their products that’s why he got to where he is, some will pay for it, and some will hope to get a free ride. That’s how we roll!

Dear Collins Injera,

You did what every son secretly wishes for. To get a standing ovation from their father. To have a father proudly hold your name high up for everyone to see and say ‘That’s my son’. To have a father publicly shed tears of joy for them and not try to hide it. To make their mama proud. To get a tight hug from mama and hear them whisper ‘Well done, Son’ in a shaky voice full of pride and joy. And for that, we say CONGRATULATIONS.

By Winston


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