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I have friends who have just completed school who keep on asking, “Huku nje kuko aje?” They are concerned if there are enough jobs out here. There aren’t. I don’t tell them this because I know, like everyone else, they have these relatives who tell you to send them your CV from the first semester…

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There is a difference between feminists and bitter women who think men are the sole source of their problems. Feminists believe in equal human rights regardless of one’s gender. Bitter women believe in preferential treatment, they believe someone else should pay their bills simply because they have two protrusions on their chests. While feminists are…


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The mid 20s, a period that pop culture and my friends refer to as Quarter Life Crisis. Pop culture keeps on changing and my friends loosely use the term quarter life crisis to refer to occasions when they cannot afford a bottle of decent vodka or when one of us has been dumped by a…

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Baba Rosemary wants Baba Ngina’s job, and Baba Ngina wants to keep his job, at least for another 5 years so expectedly, things have come to a head. The guests invited for TV news segments tell us the political temperatures have risen and we are caught up in the election fever-of course we all know this but we are neither ‘pundits’ nor ‘analysts’ so we need people who award themselves titles and doctorate degrees to tell us this.