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We like being brief and to the point. Before we go any far, please note that this is not about the Stella who went to Japan for her studies and came back with a baby while the love of her life was waiting for her at the airport. This is about a modern-day Stella, who…

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It has been a while. That’s not even the sad part. The sad part is that we have no excuse for being away for so long. Leave alone a good excuse. We have no excuse at all. Just like Mr. Irregardless keeps promising to fight the corrupt even if they are family, we keep promising…

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BaKongo masks from the Kongo Central region in the DRC BaKongo masks from the Kongo Central region in the DRC

Africa has been fast losing its culture. People no longer lick yogurt containers after drinking the yogurt. They don’t even chew and spit the paper used to wrap cupcakes. How disappointing? Kids no longer disappear into the bedroom whenever a guest is served tea. High school kids absolutely have no idea what alenya, aka mkarango…

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