If you never rode this, you are either too old or too young to be on this blog. Photo/Creative Commons

It’s about 7 years now since I received a call from a rude cool kid who didn’t even introduce himself. He had a problem with me, a total stranger. His issue was that I was texting his girlfriend (now ex) too many good nights. I still don’t see how one goodnight every day is too…

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This is just a random photo of a Rongai matatu chilling by the roadside after a long road trip. Photo credits: Muriithi/NairobiWire

Rongai is a beautiful country. They should have some sports team marketing them as a tourist destination the way Rwanda got into a deal with Arsenal and Kenya is forcing its 7s team to market them for free. Rongai even has a full-fledged university- whose male students are balder than your busaa drinking grandpa. And…

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