You see, the most important aspect of moving out is preparing to move out. You don’t just wake up one day and decide that you need some space to walk around in your boxers. It doesn’t matter how many internet strangers you see saying that at 20, you’re too old to be leaving your pubes in your mother’s soap.

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Candle In The Wind by Austine Arnold is one of the must-reads of 2021

Candle In The Wind is a memoir of Mr. Omondi Were’s battle with cancer, his subsequent passing on, and the family’s struggle to cope with the loss of the gang leader. The cover literally tells you that it’s a “brokenhearted memoir of my hero.” That means you should expect sad stories and motivational speaking, doesn’t it?Well, it’s a lie.
If you want to read something sad, read about Daddy Owen’s love life. This book is full of life, light, and positivity. It’s more than a brokenhearted memoir of losing the only hero he has ever known his entire life. Candle In The Wind is one of those books that will leave you feeling a certain warmth in your heart instead of heartbreak.

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